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Todd Smith

Todd Smith

As Administrator of Varicosity, Todd Smith utilizes his years of experience in various service industries to readily devise business systems that meet the needs of an ever-increasing and diverse patient population. He has been instrumental in the growth of the center fostering positive patient experiences and relationships in a professional, productive atmosphere.

Todd began his career in his hometown, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after graduating in 1994 from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. His background in Advertising/Public Relations has proven most vital in building the Varicosity brand. When away from work, Todd enjoys spending time with family, friends and his two dogs; music; theatre; art collecting; exercise and yoga; scuba diving, and nutrition.

As Varicosity’s message spreads, it is his character, wisdom, determination, personality, and relentless work ethic that make the greatest impact on the organization.